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Middle Market Advisors

Since 1993 Goldstream has provided transitional and consulting services to the owners of middle market companies across a broad range of industries.

First and foremost, we are trusted advisors and facilitators that help private company shareholders and family owners meet their personal and financial goals by maximizing the value of their privately-owned business.


Client company’s typically have annual revenues between $10M and $100M, which is considered the lower end of the middle market, which in total encompasses business up to $1B in revenues.  Client companies have reached a point in their growth that requires a transition to a succeeding generation, they wish to step away operationally from their business after installing a new management team or seek some form of recapitalization of their business.


Goldstream acts to manage this process working collaboratively with business owner’s adding long term value to the enterprise while providing guidance in what is often a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking. Goldstream works to ensure that the long-held values and vision of the company are maintained and that loyal customer and employee needs are held in the highest priority.


The first step toward a working relationship is to hold a private and confidential meeting or phone conversation with key ownership to get an understanding of their personal, financial and company goals and aspirations.

MIddle Market Advisors

Consulting Services

Goldstream, its principals and associates, since 1984, have provided operational, change management and business development management consulting services for some of North America’s most successful companies as well as for entrepreneurial clients.  Projects most typically involve managing change initiatives for C-suite executive clients and business owners, helping their organizations achieve strategic results in time criterial initiatives where management bandwidth or expertise within the organization is lacking.  

Our deep experience across many industries and work disciplines and our collaboration approach helps us to achieve measurable results for clients in a short period of time.


Industries served include oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing, chemical processing, agriculture, banking, associations, pulp and paper, mining, food processing, real estate, consumer goods and utilities.


Clients include ExxonMobil, Newmont Gold, Goodmark Foods, Northwestern University, Bunge International, Quaker Oats & RJ Reynolds, among other national and international companies, as well as a number of lesser known private companies that have achieved significant market acceptance.

Consulting Services

Expert Witness In The Life

Settlement Industry

Greg Elam, principal with Goldstream, is a sought-out consultant and expert witness in the life settlement financial services industry with a deep and long-standing expertise developed from consulting with numerous life settlement clients, since the industry’s inception.


Life Settlement specific industry background includes:

Led initiatives to develop, establish the business models and processes for top tier industry participants. Helping each achieve a market leadership position.

Managed both the acquisition and divestiture of investment portfolios for clients.


Established and refined life settlement servicing operations.


Led capital development initiatives and managed relationships with institutional investment entities.


Developed and refined proprietary database systems to manage work processes.


Recruited, hired and trained staff for all levels of client organizations.


Has a historical perspective of the industry dating to the early stages of the viatical industry through the transition to the more sophisticated institutional funded environment that exists today.

Expert Witness

Why Use Goldstream

Goldstream’s principals and associates draw from deep expertise in management consulting, business planning, operations, financial modeling, staffing, change management, manufacturing, engineering reliability and capital market transactions across many industries.


We always align our goals with those of our clients and maintain a philosophy that the client needs and interests always come first.


All of our activities are aimed at adding equity value to the client company.


We collaboratively manage client’s strategic initiatives allowing ownership and management to keep their “eye on the ball” while running their business as we add value and move

agreed-to-goals forward.


Our engaging and personable approach along with our focused professionalism allows us to fit well within the company culture of Main Street, Wall Street or rural organizations.

Why Use Goldstream

Middle Market Advisors


39 Golf View Lane

Burnsville, NC 28714

​​Tel: 859.312.6896

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